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What Is an Estate Sale and How Can an Auctioneer Help?

If your loved one has passed away, leaving a house filled with a vast number of items, belongings, and collectibles...How do you liquidate all the assets? Maybe you are downsizing to a smaller, maintenance-friendly home...Or maybe you wish to liquidate your assets because you’re relocating to another state or country. The perfect solution is to hold an estate sale.

What is an estate sale?

Think of an estate sale as a bigger garage sale. While a garage sale involves liquidating only a few items and is restricted to a section of the home, an estate sale aims to sell nearly everything from every area of the house. Some estate sales involve an auction to receive the most competitive bids for your items and are typically handled by a professional auctioneer.

The auction can also be held online to reach a broader audience, with the auctioneer coordinating the entire process, including identifying the items available for sale, listing, and shipping/pickup.

How can an auctioneer help with an estate sale?

  • Marketing

When it comes to finding a motivated audience ready to buy items for the highest price, placing signs outside your home or posting on social media platforms only goes so far.

A professional auctioneer has an extensive network of audience and uses various tested marketing techniques to connect you with the right buyers.

  • Accelerate sales

With limited reach and little marketing techniques, the estate sale can drag on for weeks and even months if you handle it on your own. A professional auctioneer has a more expansive reach, a team that keeps things organized, and better marketing strategies, ensuring all your items sell in only a few days. As a result, you’ll be able to relocate quickly or move on after the passing of a loved one.

  • Higher proceeds

An auctioneer has a vast network of competitive audiences who bid and drive the price of your items higher. As a result, your items sell for far higher, and you make more money.

However, on your own, an item may sell for less than the market value, thanks to low visibility and fewer buyers.

  • Eliminate stress

Losing a loved one or planning a move is already overwhelming without adding the stress and challenges of planning an estate sale. And make no mistake, organizing an estate sale on your own can be a real headache. An auctioneer can take the burden off your shoulders, planning and managing the entire event, so you can have time to relax, spend time with your family, and do other things that matter during a difficult time.

During life events that result in asset liquidation, you need a professional team that can seamlessly manage your estate sale from start to finish, giving you the peace of mind you need. Your personalized estate sale is only a phone call away. Consign now.


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